Poly@NYU Video Quality Database

Author: Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Partner: No




Subjective scores: true

Total: 320

SRC: 11

HRC: 50

Ratings: 20

Resolution: CIF/QCIF

Method: ACR


There are two annotated databases available from the Video Lab at the Polytechnic Institute of the New York University. The first Video Quality Database (PolyNYU VQ) is focused on evaluation of scalable video coding with frame rate and quantization artifacts. The subjective quality is carried out using a protocol similar to ACR-HR (Absolute Category Rating with Hidden Reference). There are 31 viewers participating in the test, and a total 20 ratings for each Processed Video Sequence (PVC) after data post-processing.


RAR archives, password protected, password upon request Yen-Fu Ou (you01@students.poly.edu)RAR archives, password protected, password upon request Yen-Fu Ou (you01@students.poly.edu) Subjective Database Release 1 http://vision.poly.edu/yenfu/Welcom_Yen-Fu_Ou_homepage/QA_Data_base_files/CIF_QCIF_score_20090505.rar Testing Sequences Release 1 http://vision.poly.edu/~tliu/Tested352x288%20Seq.rar http://vision.poly.edu/~tliu/Tested176x144%20Seq.rar Subjective Database Release 2 http://vision.poly.edu/yenfu/Welcom_Yen-Fu_Ou_homepage/QA_Data_base_files/temporal_quantization_score_20090505.rar Testing Sequences Release 2 http://vision.poly.edu/yenfu/QADatabase/VPQM09_seqs Subjective Database Release 3 http://vision.poly.edu/yenfu/Welcom_Yen-Fu_Ou_homepage/QA_Data_base_files/ICASSP10_datasets.rar Testing Sequences Release 3 http://vision.poly.edu/yenfu/QADatabase/ICASSP10_seqs

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