PFSTOOLS HDR Image Gallery

Author: Bangor University

Partner: No

Contact: Rafał Mantiuk (,

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The gallery includes eight HDR images under a liberal Creative Commons license, which can be downloaded to start experimenting with HDR. Although there are thousands of tone-mapped “HDR” images on Flickr, the original HDR images are usually not available. The images in this gallery do not have much artistic value but should be good enough to try different algorithms.


The images can be downloaded separately: Link: All images in a single ZIP file (66.4MB): Link:


The images are under a liberal Creative Commons license.

References and Citation

Please cite the paper [MKM07] if you use the gallery.


  • MKM07: Rafał Mantiuk, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Radosław Mantiuk and Hans-Peter, Seidel High Dynamic Range Imaging Pipeline: Perception-motivated Representation of Visual Content, In: Proc of SPIE (6492-212). Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XII. 2007.