Poly@NYU Video Quality Database Packet Loss Database

Author: Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Partner: No




Subjective scores: true

Total: 17

SRC: 17

HRC: 1

Ratings: 32

Resolution: QVGA

Method: ACR


Smaller dataset investigates the impact of packet loss in H.264 videos (PolyNYU PL). This subjective data consist of two parts: one is for quality evaluation of individual loss-impaired frames, and the other is for quality evaluation of entire loss-impaired segments (due to error propagation). A total of 17 videos are selected from wide variety of standard test sequences, and rated by 32 viewers. The subjective test is performed adopting the ACR-HR 5 scale standard. These subjective tests mainly target the low bitrate video application. The test videos are encoded/decoded adopting H.264 standard. During each loss event, one entire frame is lost, and frame-copy error concealment is utilized.


RAR archive, password protected, password upon request Tao Liu (taoliu.bit@gmail.com). Link: http://vision.poly.edu/~tliu/PL_dataset.zip

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