USC iLab Video Dataset

Author: University of Southern California

Partner: No

Contact: Laurent Itti (




Total: 50

Ratings: 14


The collected 50 uncompressed YUV format video clips were presented to 14 subjects and their eye fixation points were recorded over frames from each clip by an eye-tracker machine. The recorded eye traces represent the subjects’ shifting overt attention, thus the eye-tracking data are qualified to validate the performance of the attention prediction model and the visual subjective quality.


50 HD video clips, raw eye-tracking experiment data and video clips with visualized eye-tracking fixations are available at the following link. Link:

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  • LQI11: van Li, Z., Qin, S., Itti, L. Visual attention guided bit allocation in video compression, Image and Vision Computing 29 (1), 2011, pp. 1-14.