USC Eye-tracking data for complex video stimuli

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This freely shared dataset consists of a body of 520 human eye-tracking data traces obtained while normal, young adult human volunteers freely watched complex video stimuli (TV programs, outdoors videos, video games). The dataset comprises eye movement recordings from eight distinct subjects watching 50 different video clips (~25 minutes of total playtime; Itti, 2004; 2005; this is the “Original” experiment), and from another eight subjects watching the same set of video clips after scrambling them into randomly re-ordered sets of 1-3s clippets (Carmi & Itti, 2006a; 2006b; this is the “MTV” experiment). A very nice and much fuller description of the data is crcns-eye1-summary.pdf (270.3 kB).


Four ZIP archives (each between 1.2GB and 1.8GB), password protected, password obtained after registration ( Link:

References and Citation

Data on this site is made available only for scientific purposes. Redistribution of the data is not permitted. Any publications derived from the data should cite the data contributor and as being the source of the data.


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