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Video transmission and analysis is often utilised in applications outside of the entertainment sector, and generally speaking this class of video is used to perform a specific task. Examples of these applications are security and public safety. The Quality of Experience (QoE) concept for video content used for entertainment differs significantly from the QoE of surveillance video used for recognition tasks. This is because, in the latter case, the subjective satisfaction of the user depends on achieving a given functionality. Moreover, such sequences have to be compressed significantly because the monitored place has to be seen on-line and it can be connected by an error prone wireless connection. Recognising the growing importance of video in delivering a range of public safety services, we focused on developing critical quality thresholds in licence plate recognition tasks based on videos streamed in constrained networking conditions.




References and Citation

Please, cite the following paper in your reference if you use this database for your work [LJR2011].


  • LJR2011: Leszczuk, Mikołaj, et al. "Quality assessment for a licence plate recognition task based on a video streamed in limited networking conditions." International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Services and Security. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011.