Sharpened Image Database (SID)

Author: LS2N IPI / CTU in Prague

Partner: Yes



Subjective scores: true

Total: 144

SRC: 4

HRC: 36

Ratings: 38

Resolution: 512x512

Method: PC


A database with blurred, sharpened, and over-sharpened images evaluated together. As comparing degradation, enhancement, and over-enhancement is notoriously difficult for objective metrics, this database is useful for testing and training image quality metrics in the presence of such processing.


Database available on Google Drive.


Permission is hereby granted, without written agreement and without license or royalty fees, to use, copy, modify, and distribute the data provided and its documentation for research purpose only. The data provided may not be commercially distributed. In no event shall the authors or their institutions be liable to any party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the data and its documentation. The authors specifically disclaim any warranties. The data provided hereunder is on an “as is” basis and the authors or their institutions have no obligation to provide maintanance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications.

References and Citation

Please, cite the following paper in your reference if you use this database for your work [KLF17].


  • KLF17: Krasula, L., Le Callet, P., Fliegel, K, Klíma, M. Quality Assessment of Sharpened Images: Challenges, Methodology, and Objective Metrics, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 1496 - 1508, 2017.