Wireless Imaging Quality (WIQ) Database

Author: Blekinge Institute of Technology

Partner: Yes




Subjective scores: true

Total: 80

SRC: 7

Ratings: 30

Resolution: 512x512

Method: DSCQS


The Wireless Imaging Quality (WIQ) Database is available from the Radio Communication Group at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. In this case 40 images were evaluated by 30 non-expert viewers. The database focuses on gray-scale JPEG compressed images and distortions caused by a simulated wireless channel. Seven reference images were used in the subjective experiments, 80 distorted (test) images were used in the subjective experiments, subjective scores for all 80 images are obtained from the two subjective experiments.


ZIP archives, password protected, password upon request Ulrich Engelke (ulrichengelke@gmail.com). Links: Reference images (~1.55MB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_ref_images_zip/$file/wiq_ref_images.zip Distorted images from test 1 (~8.88MB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_dst_images_t01_zip/$file/wiq_dst_images_t01.zip Distorted images from test 2 (~8.72 MB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_dst_images_t02_zip/$file/wiq_dst_images_t02.zip Subjective scores, Matlab workspace (~7 kB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_subjective_scores_matlab_zip/$file/wiq_subjective_scores_matlab.zip Subjective scores, Excel spreadsheet (~45 kB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_subjective_scores_excel_zip/$file/wiq_subjective_scores_excel.zip WIQ readme file (~3 kB) http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/attachments/wiq_readme_zip/$file/wiq_readme.zip

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The original link was: http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/pages/wiq-db


Permission is hereby granted, without written agreement and without license or royalty fees, to use, copy, modify, and distribute the data provided and its documentation for research purpose only. The data provided may not be commercially distributed. In no event shall the Blekinge Institute of Technology be liable to any party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the data and its documentation. The Blekinge Institute of Technology specifically disclaims any warranties. The data provided is on an "as is" basis and the Blekinge Institute of Technology has no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications.

References and Citation

If you use the WIQ database for your research, we kindly ask you to refer to our paper [EKZ09], and also to this website [EZK10].


  • EKZ09: U. Engelke, M. Kusuma, H.-J. Zepernick, M. Caldera, "Reduced-Reference Metric Design for Objective Perceptual Quality Assessment in Wireless Imaging," Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 24, no. 7, pp. 525-547, 2009.
  • EZK10: U. Engelke, H.-J. Zepernick, and M. Kusuma, "Wireless Imaging Quality Database," http://www.bth.se/tek/rcg.nsf/pages/wiq-db, 2010.