High Dynamic Range Specific Image Dataset (HDRSID)

Author: Shahid Beheshti University

Partner: No

Contact: Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam (m_moghadam@sbu.ac.ir)

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Total: 230

SRC: 230

Resolution: 5118x3288


All the researches need some sort of dataset as a benchmark to test their algorithms on and image processing research area specifically High Dynamic Range related researches is not an exception. In this section we produce a new High Dynamic Range Specific Image Dataset (HDRSID), which formed from more than two hundreds high resolutions HDR images specifically designed for HDR related researches. The proposed dataset consists of 230 high dynamic range images that make it the biggest HDR specific dataset introduced so far. All HDR images in this dataset produced using multi exposure capturing technique which is a common approach for recording high dynamic range images. Our dataset produced from 1449 base images with resolution of 5118 x 3288 pixels which make the dataset an appropriate choice for testing and evaluating tone mapping algorithms in real world applications in terms of resolution. To form a HDR specific dataset that can be used in high dynamic range research area for testing and evaluating cutting edge tone mapping algorithms, there is a need for creating a dataset that complies with the range of images that exists in real world applications such as smartphones, tablets, and compact digital cameras that offer high resolution camera sensors. For this purpose, we used a DSLR camera, Canon 550D with a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels for recording base images and so producing HDR image with the same resolution.


HDR images can be downloaded in a set of 9 RAR archives (1GB each): Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part01.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part02.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part03.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part04.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part05.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part06.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part07.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part08.rar Link: http://faculties.sbu.ac.ir/~moghaddam/contents/HDR/hdr/HDRDataset.part09.rar