High Dynamic Range Imaging Dataset of Natural Scenes

Author: Stanford University

Partner: No

Contact: Brian A. Wandell (https://www.stanford.edu/group/vista/cgi-bin/wandell/, Wandell@stanford.edu)

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Total: 88

SRC: 88


This dataset contains the HDR data (including illuminant) of 88 images, Matlab files that read the HDR data and produce the summary images, the sensor spectral QE, example script for reading and analyzing the data. For each HDR image, it is provided: Luminance histogram (PDF), Illuminant spectral power distribution (PDF), Highly compressed and sub-sampled rgb image, Pseudo-color image showing (50 x log luminance) (cd/m^2).


Images used in the experiment are available with thumbnails at: Link: http://white.stanford.edu/~brian/hdr/hdr.html The ZIP (134MB) file contains HDR data, Matlab files that read the HDR, the sensor spectral QE and example script for reading and analyzing the data: Link: http://white.stanford.edu/~brian/hdr/hdrStanfordData.zip

References and Citation

Please refer to the paper entitled [XDC02] for additional information.


  • XDC02: F. Xiao, J. DiCarlo, P. Catrysse and B. Wandell, High Dynamic Range Imaging of Natural Scenes, In Tenth Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems, and Applications. Scottsdale, AZ, 2002.