Audiovisual Quality Database for Mobile Multimedia Applications (Proposal)

Author: University of Plymouth

Partner: Yes

Contact: Information for the database may be obtained by contacting Lingfen Sun (




Subjective scores: true


In this project, we aim to develop a subjective audiovisual quality database for mobile multimedia applications. The database will consist of reference and degraded audio, video and audiovisual samples/clips (including both short and long clips). The degraded samples/clips will be created/collected from both NS2/OPNET simulation platforms and mobile VoIP/IPTV testbed based on open IMS core and Android phone at the University of Plymouth. If resources are available, some data collection among different partners over the Internet and local mobile network is also possible. For each experiment (to obtain the degraded sample/clip), the network trace data (for fixed/mobile/wireless network) will also be collected for post-processing and further deriving network parameters (e.g. packet loss, loss burstiness, bit error rate and jitter). The application level parameters (e.g. codec used, frame rate, send bit rate and resolution) will also be recorded and stored in the database. Carefully selected reference and/or degraded data set will be used for subjective tests according to ITU-T P.800, P.910 and P.911 to obtain audio-only, video-only and overall audiovisual quality scores. The subjective tests can be based on a normal PC or over a mobile handset for further investigating how devices/resolutions affect audio/video/audiovisual quality.


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