Audiovisual Database for Video Calls over Wireless Networks

Author: University of Plymouth

Partner: Yes

Contact: Information for the database may be obtained by contacting Lingfen Sun (




Subjective scores: true

SRC: 60

Method: ACR


The database created at the University of Plymouth is for audiovisual quality assessment which consists of 60 test conditions for video call over wireless networks. Subjective tests were performed according to ITU-T recommendations for audiovisual, video and audio, respectively. Absolute Category Rating (ACR) was used in experiments using a discrete 9-level quality scale for low-bitrate evaluations.


You can download the database from the following link (including ref/deg video clips, datasheet for MOS and relevant parameters, and a readme file): Link:

References and Citation

  • GLI10: Goudarzi, M.; Lingfen Sun; Ifeachor, E., Audiovisual Quality Estimation for Video Calls in Wireless Applications, GLOBECOM 2010, 2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference , vol., no., pp.1-5, 6-10 Dec. 2010.