More than 1000 UGC/PGC/OGC video sequences

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With the fast proliferation of online video sites and social media platforms, user, professionally and occupationally generated content (UGC, PGC, OGC) videos are streamed and explosively shared over the Internet. Consequently, it is urgent to monitor the content quality of these Internet videos to guarantee the user experience. However, most existing modern video quality assessment (VQA) databases only include UGC videos and cannot meet the demands for other kinds of Internet videos with real-world distortions.

To this end, we collect 1,072 videos from Youku, a leading Chinese video hosting service platform, to establish the Internet video quality assessment database (Youku-V1K). A special sampling method based on several quality indicators is adopted to maximize the content and distortion diversities within a limited database, and a probabilistic graphical model is applied to recover reliable labels from noisy crowdsourcing annotations.


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