QoE in different 3D HDTV technologies

Author: Brno University of Technology

Partner: Yes

Contact: Information for the database may be obtained by contacting Martin Slanina (slaninam@feec.vutbr.cz)

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Subjective scores: true

Ratings: 120


The database contains a series of 3D HDTV subjective tests that we performed with help of over 120 observers. The aim was to compare several aspects of video image quality and QoE reported on different stereoscopic display systems for home entertainment, including active shutter glass display, polarized glass display and active shutter glass projection system. We used original video sequences created from different types of sources (blu-ray disc records, 3D camcorder, satellite reception and static images). The subjective tests were realized in the Laboratory of digital television at Department of Radio Electronics, Brno University of Technology. The user ratings were gathered through simple questionnaires addressing different aspects of viewing experience. The results of these ratings were evaluated and as a reference the test material will very soon be available in the DEIMOS database.


All materials are available upon request Martin Slanina (slaninam@feec.vutbr.cz) through DEIMOS database. Link: http://deimos-project.cz/

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The original link was: http://deimos-project.cz/

References and Citation

In publications using the database, the DEIMOS project description paper should be cited [KFP11].


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