MPEG 3D-AVC verification test

Author: MPEG

Partner: No

Contact: Philippe Hanhart (

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Subjective scores: true

Total: 72

SRC: 4

HRC: 18

Ratings: 22

Resolution: 1920x1080

Method: ACR


Database used for the MPEG 3D-AVC verification test. A total of 4 multiview video plus depth (MVD) sequences were encoded with MVC+D and 3D-AVC at 4 rate points. From the original and decoded data, 2 sets of stereo pairs were generated: 1 pair with 1 decoded view and 1 synthesized view; 1 pair with 2 synthesized views. The database contains a total of 72 stereo pairs. The stereo pairs were evaluated by two different labs using different stereoscopic monitors: 24 subjects evaluated all stereo pairs at FUB on a LG 47”, and 22 subjects evaluated all stereo pairs at EPFL on a Hyundai S465D 46”. The purpose of this database is to benchmark objective metrics.


The database is available to Qualinet members only. To access the database, please send an email to Philippe Hanhart (

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