LIVE Video Quality Database

Author: LIVE - University of Texas

Partner: No

Contact: Kalpana Seshadrinathan (




Subjective scores: true

Total: 150

SRC: 10

HRC: 15

Ratings: 29

Resolution: 768x432p

Method: ACR


The LIVE Video Quality Database (LIVE VQD) includes MPEG-2 and H.264 compression and simulated transmission of H.264 compressed bitstreams through IP wired and wireless networks with errors. A set of 150 distorted videos were created from ten reference videos (15 distorted videos per reference) using four different distortion types and the database was assessed by 38 human subjects. Each video in the LIVE Video Quality Database was assessed by 38 human subjects in a single stimulus study with hidden reference removal, where the subjects scored the video quality on a continuous quality scale.


Download information for the database may be obtained by contacting Kalpana Seshadrinathan (


Link: Permission is hereby granted, without written agreement and without license or royalty fees, to use, copy, modify, and distribute this database (the images, the results and the source files) and its documentation for any purpose, provided that the copyright notice in its entirety appear in all copies of this database, and the original source of this database, Laboratory for Image and Video Engineering (LIVE, and Center for Perceptual Systems (CPS, at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin,, is acknowledged in any publication that reports research using this database.

References and Citation

We are making the LIVE Video Quality Database available to the research community free of charge. If you use this database in your research, we kindly ask that you reference our papers listed below [SSB10], [SSB10b].


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  • SSB10b: K. Seshadrinathan, R. Soundararajan, A. C. Bovik and L. K. Cormack, "A Subjective Study to Evaluate Video Quality Assessment Algorithms", SPIE Proceedings Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, Jan. 2010.