INB Video Eyetracking Dataset

Author: Uni Lübeck

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Large data set of eye movement data on high-resolution natural movies, Hollywood trailers, and static images. Eye movement data from 54 subjects for 18 outdoor scenes (HD), 2 Hollywood trailers (SD), and static images taken from the outdoor scenes.


Zip archives containing Stimuli and Gaze data. Natural movies, original format: Link: Natural movies, MPEG-1: Link: “stop-motion” movies: Link: Static images in JPG format: Link: Gaze data:

References and Citation

Please cite the paper [DMG10] if you use our data set in your own publications. We would also appreciate to hear about your research - please send an e-mail to


  • DMG10: Michael Dorr, Thomas Martinetz, Karl Gegenfurtner, and Erhardt Barth. Variability of eye movements when viewing dynamic natural scenes. Journal of Vision, 10(10):1-17, 2010.