Empa HDR Image Database

Author: ETH Z├╝rich

Partner: No

Contact: For questions, contact: Iris Sprow (iris.sprow@empa.ch) Peter Zolliker (peter.zolliker@empa.ch)

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Empa HDR Image Database evolved from projects on HDR research carried out at Empa in the years 2011-2013 with partial support of the COST action IC1005 on HDRI. All images are placed in the public domain exclusively for non-commercial research purposes.There are 33 scenes, consisting of the images from the exposure bracketing, resulting exr and hdr files, and a tone mapped jpeg. The zip file contains all files. The exr and hdr files can be downloaded individually, if desired. Furthermore, there are 3 image sequences that can be turned into videos using the time lapse or stop motion technique.


The dataset can be downloaded through thumbnails page: Link: http://empamedia.ethz.ch/hdrdatabase/index.php

Broken link!

The original link was: http://empamedia.ethz.ch/hdrdatabase/index.php