Eye tracking database for standard video sequences

Author: Simon Fraser University

Partner: No

Contact: Ivan V. Bajić (ibajic@ensc.sfu.ca)




Total: 12

Ratings: 15


Eye tracking data of 15 observers for 12 video sequences. This dataset includes a database of gaze locations by 15 independent viewers on a set of 12 standard CIF video sequences: Foreman, Bus, City, Crew, Flower Garden, Mother and Daughter, Soccer, Stefan, Mobile Calendar, Harbor, and Tempete. Included are the gaze locations for the first and second viewing of each sequence, their visualizations, heat maps, and sample MATLAB demo files that show how to use the data.


Data and available in one archive (478MB): Link: http://www.sfu.ca/~ibajic/datasets/SFU_etdb.rar

References and Citation

  • HEB12: H. Hadizadeh, M. J. Enriquez, and I. V. Bajić, Eye-tracking database for a set of standard video sequences, IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 898-903, Feb. 2012.