LIRIS/EPFL 3D Model General-Purpose database

Author: INSA Lyon/EPFL

Partner: Yes

Contact: Guillaume Lavoué (

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Subjective scores: true

Total: 88

SRC: 4

Ratings: 12

Method: SSIS


The package contains: the 3D models of the corpus, the subjective opinion scores given by the observers and the values from several objective metrics. 88 models between 40K and 50K vertices were generated from 4 reference objects. Two types of distortion (noise addition and smoothing) were applied with different strengths and at four locations: on the whole model, on smooth areas, on rough areas and on intermediate areas. Subjective evaluations were made at normal viewing distance, using a SSIS (Single Stimulus Impairment Scale) method with 12 observers. A Microsoft excel document giving all subjective quality scores is included in the above archive. It contains also Mean Opinion Scores after normalization and outlier removal. An other Microsoft excel document provides the objective scores of several recent perceptual metrics from the state of the art.


ZIP archive (~90MB): Link:

References and Citation

This database was created at EPFL and experiments were conducted at EPFL and LIRIS, Université de Lyon. It you use it, please cite [LDD06].


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  • LDD06: Lavoue G, Drelie Gelasca E, Dupont F, Baskurt A, Ebrahimi T. Perceptually driven 3D distance metrics with application to watermarking. In: Proceedings of SPIE.Vol 6312. SPIE; 2006:63120L-63120L-12.