Author: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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Resolution: HD (1920x1080)


Holography allows for both the recording and reproduction of wavefields of light, and is thereby able to fully capture the three-dimensional structure of objects. Because holograms represent interference patterns, they possess significantly different signal properties from natural photography and video, causing conventional image encoders perform sub-optimally on holograms. Therefore, new data compression techniques have to be evaluated for this type of data. One important requirement for comparing and evaluating various codecs is to have reference holograms which are publicly available. For this purpose, we pioneered the setup of an open public data base containing a set of holograms.

Here we release the first version of this open access public database of test holograms with varied content named INTERFERE I. The intent is to standardize experimental validations of holographic compression engines. We intend to extend the database with more types of holograms, coming from simulations or real holographic recording setups, as well as including contributions from others.

In this release, the database contains 5 computer generated holograms created from 2D and 3D objects using an in-house CGH algorithm capable of handling self-occlusion for 3D objects. further detail about the holograms can be found in the database webpage. The next version, will include more holograms as well as subjective ratings.



References and Citation

If you use this Database, please cite this reference [BAS15].


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