Uncompressed Colour Image Database (UCID)

Author: Loughborough University

Partner: No




Total: 1300


The aim of the UCID is to provide a benchmark dataset for image retrieval. The database has over 1300 images together with a ground truth (predefined query images with corresponding model images that should be retrieved). It is envisaged that the dataset is used for the evaluation of image retrieval techniques.


TAR-GZIP archive (~650MB), no password Link: http://vision.cs.aston.ac.uk/datasets/UCID/data/ucid.v2.tar.gz

References and Citation

If you are using this dataset we will be grateful if you could let us know by dropping us an e-mail. Also please cite the following publication in any papers that mention the database [SS04].


  • SS04: G. Schaefer and M. Stich (2004) "UCID - An Uncompressed Colour Image Database", Proc. SPIE, Storage and Retrieval Methods and Applications for Multimedia 2004, pp. 472-480, San Jose, USA.