TU Delft Eye-Tracking Release 1

Author: TU Delft

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Eye-tracking data were collected in order to better understand how people look to images under natural viewing conditions. Twenty-nine source images of the LIVE image quality assessment database were used as stimuli, and twenty participants were requested to look at the images in a natural way. A map indicating the natural scene saliency (NSS) was derived from the eye-tracking data. Dataset contains saliency maps for 29 reference images obtained using 20 observers.


ZIP archive, password protected, password upon request Hantao Liu (Hantao.Liu@tudelft.nl) Link: http://mmi.tudelft.nl/iqlab/databases/TUD_LIVE_EyeTracking.zip

References and Citation

The eye-tracking data are publicly available to the research community. Please cite the following references if you use this database in your research [LH09], [LH09b].


  • LH09: H. Liu and I. Heynderickx, "Studying the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Metrics Based on Eye Movement Data", in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp. 3097-3100, November 2009.
  • LH09b: H. Liu and I. Heynderickx, "TUD Image Quality Database: Eye-Tracking Release 1", http://mmi.tudelft.nl/iqlab/eye_tracking_1.html.