TU Delft A&A dataset - Aesthetics and visual Attention

Author: TU Delft

Partner: Yes

Contact: Judith Redi (j.a.redi@tudelft.nl)




Subjective scores: true

Total: 200

SRC: 200

Ratings: 19

Method: ACR


Predicting the aesthetic appeal of (consumer) images is of great interest for a number of applications, from image retrieval to visual quality optimization. A key element in determining the beauty of an image is the ability of the photographer to guide the attention of the viewer to the subject of interest. To this purpose, both image simplicity (i.e., clarity of the subject ) and compositional rules (e.g., the well-known rule of thirds), are used to drive the observer’s visual focus and ease perceptual fluency. Quite interestingly, although these are well-accepted rules-of-thumb for good photography, there has been very little effort in validating them in a scientific way, especially towards investigating the interactions between image aesthetic appeal appreciation and visual attention deployment. The A&A dataset aims at providing a basis for performing such more rigorous validation. The dataset consists of 200 images, their subjective ratings on Aesthetic Appeal, Color likeability, Recognizability and Familiarity, and their respective fixation and saliency maps.


The dataset can be downloaded at the link indicated above. It comes as password protected zip file. To get the password, please send an email to j.a.redi@tudelft.nl

References and Citation

Please cite the following references if you use this database in your research. [RP13].


  • RP13: Redi J, Povoa I, The role of visual attention in the aesthetic appeal of consumer images: a preliminary study. in proc. International Conference on Video Communication and Image Processing (VCIP 2013), 2013.