The HDR Photographic Survey

Author: Rochester Institute of Technology

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Contact: Prof. Mark Fairchild, College of Science Professor & Director, Program of Color Science/Munsell Color Science Laboratory Rochester Institute of Technology, (

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Total: 106

SRC: 106

Resolution: 4288x2848


The High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Photographic Survey is a database of HDR photographs accompanied by detailed colorimetric/luminance measurements and visual appearance scaling from the original scenes. The images provide a range of content and challenges along with the fundamental data required to evaluate HDR imaging algorithms for both preference and accuracy reproduction. All images are been placed in the public domain for non-commercial research purposes. There are 106 images in all, twenty-eight have accompanying colorimetric and appearance data. The remaining images have various data associated with them, but as a minimum have an absolute luminance calibration.


The dataset can be downloaded through thumbnails page: Link: System characterization is available at: Link:


All images have been placed in the public domain for non-commercial research purposes.

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Please cite the paper [Fai07] if you use The HDR Photographic Survey.


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