Tampere Image Database (TID2008)

Author: Tampere University of Technology

Partner: No

Contact: Nikolay Ponomarenko (nikolay@ponomarenko.info)




Subjective scores: true

Total: 1700

SRC: 25

HRC: 68

Ratings: 144

Resolution: 512x384

Method: Custom


A color image database for evaluation of image quality metrics is available from the Tampere University of Technology. The Tampere Image Database (TID2008) contains a large amount of test images distorted with various techniques, e.g. different types of noise, blur, JPEG and JPEG2000 compression and transmission with errors, local distortions, luminance and contrast changes. The database contains 25 reference images (Kodak Lossless True Color Image Suite, http://r0k.us/graphics/kodak/), 1700 distorted images (17 types of distortion at 4 levels of distortion). The MOS is a result of 838 experiments with 8387 observers resulting into 512856 evaluations of relative visual quality in image pairs.


RAR archive (~550MB), no password. Link: http://www.ponomarenko.info/tid/tid2008.rar

References and Citation

In case of publishing results obtained by means of TID2008 please refer to one of the following papers [PLZ08], [PBE09].


  • PBE09: N. Ponomarenko, F. Battisti, K. Egiazarian, J. Astola, V. Lukin "Metrics performance comparison for color image database", Fourth international workshop on video processing and quality metrics for consumer electronics, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Jan. 14-16, 2009, 6 p.
  • PLZ08: N. Ponomarenko, V. Lukin, A. Zelensky, K. Egiazarian, M. Carli, F. Battisti, "TID2008 - A Database for Evaluation of Full-Reference Visual Quality Assessment Metrics", Advances of Modern Radioelectronics, Vol. 10, pp. 30-45, 2009.