MMSPG JPEG XR image compression database

Author: EPFL

Partner: Yes

Contact: Lutz Goldmann ( Francesca DeSimone (




Subjective scores: true

Total: 186

SRC: 10

Resolution: 1600x1280

Method: DSCQS


The new JPEG XR technology has been compared to existing JPEG and JPEG 2000 algorithms, considering compression of high resolution 24 bpp pictures, by mean of a campaign of subjective quality assessment tests which followed the general guidelines provided in the core experiment plan described in the document WG1N5001 by the AIC JPEG XR ad-hoc group. Sixteen naive subjects took part in experiments at EPFL and each subject participated in four test sessions, scoring a total of 186 test stimuli. A detailed procedure for the statistical analysis of subjective data is also proposed, which allows an accurate comparison of codec performance.


Database in ZIP archives, password protected, password upon request Lutz Goldmann ( Links: Original images. Training images. Test images: Session 1. Session 2. Session 3. Session 4. The subjective results of our test campaign are also publicly available: Raw subjective results. Mean opinion scores, standard deviation and 95% confidence intervals after outlier detection and removal.


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References and Citation

If you use our data for your own publications please do not forget to reference this website and our paper [DGB09].


  • DGB09: Francesca De Simone, Lutz Goldmann, Vittorio Baroncini and Touradj Ebrahimi, "Subjective evaluation of JPEG XR image compression", in Proceedings of SPIE 7443.