IRCCyN/IVC HDR Images JPEG Compression

Author: IRCCyN/IVC

Partner: Yes


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Subjective scores: true

Total: 150

SRC: 10

HRC: 15

Ratings: 26

Resolution: 1920x1080

Method: ACR-HR


This database contains 150 images, the subjective results including votes and Mean Opinion Scores. 10 different still image contents were used. For each content, the reference (without degradation) and 14 different degradations called Hypothetical Reference Circuits (HRCs) were subjectively evaluated.

The HRCs are based on JPEG coding and are completely presented in the paper [NPL13]. This JPEG coding is apply on the original images with 7 different bitrates. Two objective optimization criteria are used. A description of the SRC and the HRC is provided in the description file including the description of the viewing environment in which the image quality was evaluated.


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References and Citation

Please, cite the following paper in your reference if you use this database for your work [NPL13].


  • NPL13: Narwaria M., Perreira Da Silva M., Le Callet P., P├ępion R., Tone mapping-based high-dynamic-range image compression : study of optimization criterion and perceptual quality, Optical Engineering 52, 10 (2013) pp. 102008-1 _ 102008-15, October 2013.