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The ETHyma eye-tracking images database contains 11 High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, the associated eye-tracking raw data and saliency maps. This database contains also 88 tone mapped images from HDR to Low Dynamic Range (standard images) and their associated eye-tracking raw data and saliency maps. The HDR images were displayed on an HDR display (Sim2 HDR47E S 4K) and the tone mapped images on a standard LCD.


Database at FTP, no password. Link: Qualinet Databases Mirror: Link: ftpes:// Username: dbq-mirrors Password: kucykepe

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References and Citation

Please, cite the following paper in your reference if you use this database for your work [NPL12].


  • NPL12: Manish Narwaria, Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Patrick Le Callet, Romuald P├ępion, Effect of tone mapping operators on visual attention deployment, SPIE optics +photonics - Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXV, San Diego, 2012.