IRCCyN/IVC 3D images dataset

Author: IRCCyN/IVC

Partner: Yes


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Subjective scores: true

Total: 96

SRC: 6

HRC: 16

Ratings: 19

Resolution: 1024x768

Method: SAMVIQ


This database contains 96 stereoscopic images and their associated subjective scores. Six different stereoscopic images are considered in this database which is composed of the six reference images (undistorted) and fifteen distorted version of each sources generated from three different processings (JPEG, JPEG2000, blurring) symmetrically to the stereopair images. A spreedshit “Details_images_with_DMOS” gives the distortion applicated, the degradation level and the Difference Mean Opinion Score (DMOS) associated for each stereoscopic paires. For more precise explanation on the degradation applied, please read the degradation section The result of this database could be used to design new metrics for 3D quality assessment.


Still images at FTP: Link: Qualinet Databases Mirror: Link: ftpes:// Username: dbq-mirrors Password: kucykepe

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References and Citation

Please, cite the following paper in your reference if you use this database for your work [BLC08].


  • BLC08: Alexandre Benoit, Patrick Le Callet, Patrizio Campisi, Romain Cousseau, "Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images", EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, 2008.