Image dataset for HDR metric calibration

Author: Bangor University

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Contact: Rafał Mantiuk (

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HDR-VDP is a visual metric that compares a pair of images (a reference and a test image) and predicts. The metric can be used for testing fidelity (e.g. how distracting are image compression distortions), or visibility (is the information sufficiently visible). The great care was taken to calibrate the HDR-VDP-2 with the experimental data. The selected data sets are planned to be released so that others can benchmark their metrics against HDR-VDP-2.


The dataset is available upon request: Rafał Mantiuk (

References and Citation

If you find the HDR-VDP metric useful, please cite the paper below and include the version number, for example HDR-VDP-2.1.3 [MKR11].


  • MKR11: Rafał Mantiuk, Kil Joong Kim, Allan G. Rempel and Wolfgang Heidrich, HDR-VDP-2: A calibrated visual metric for visibility and quality predictions in all luminance conditions, ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. of SIGGRAPH 11), 2011.