Fashion 10000: An Enriched Social Image Dataset for Fashion and Clothing

Author: TU Delft

Partner: No

Contact: Babak Loni (




Total: 32000


New social image dataset related to the fashion and clothing domain. The dataset contains more than 32000 images, their context and social metadata. Furthermore the dataset is enriched with several types of annotations collected from the Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) crowdsourcing platform, which can serve as ground truth for various content analysis algorithms. This dataset has been successfully used at the Crowdsourcing task of the 2013 MediaEval Multimedia Benchmarking initiative. The dataset contributes to several research areas such as Crowdsourcing, multimedia content and context analysis as well as hybrid human/automatic approaches. In this paper, the dataset is described in detail and the dataset collection strategy, statistics, applications of dataset and its contribution to MediaEval 2013 is discussed.


The files are available for download via HTTP. Link: The files are available in one archive (9.8GB) for download via HTTP: Link:

References and Citation

Use of the datasets in published work should be acknowledged by a full citation to the authors' papers [LCR14] at the MMSys conference (Proceedings of ACM MMSys 2014, March 19 - March 21, 2014, Singapore, Singapore).


  • LCR14: B. Loni, Lei Yen Cheung, M. Riegler, A. Bozzon, L. Gottlieb, M. Larson, Fashion 10000: an enriched social image dataset for fashion and clothing, Proceedings of ACM MMSys 2014, March 19 - March 21, 2014, Singapore, Singapore.