A57 Image Database

Author: Cornell University

Partner: No

Contact: Damon M. Chandler (damon.chandler@okstate.edu), S. S. Hemami (hemami@ece.cornell.edu)




Subjective scores: true

SRC: 3

HRC: 6

Resolution: 512x512


It is important to note that due to the limited number of images and limited number of human subjects, the A57 database is of limited statistical reliability. It contains three reference natural images, the digital images were of size 512x512 pixels and were 8-bit grayscale with pixel values in the range 0−255. These images were distorted with six types of distortions: 1. Quantization of the LH subbands of a 5-level DWT, 2. Additive Gaussian white noise,

  1. Baseline JPEG compression of the image, 4. JPEG-2000 compression of the image, 5. JPEG-2000 compression with the Dynamic Contrast-Based Quantization (DCQ) algorithm and 6. Blurring by using a Gaussian filter.


ZIP archive, no password Link: http://foulard.ece.cornell.edu/dmc27/vsnr/a57_db.zip

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The original link was: http://foulard.ece.cornell.edu/dmc27/vsnr/vsnr.html

References and Citation

  • CH07: D. M. Chandler and S. S. Hemami, VSNR: A Wavelet-Based Visual Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Natural Images, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 16 (9), pp. 2284-2298, 2007.